Avelee Prototype Contest (CLOSED)

I am so excited about the release of my Avelee vinyl kit, I am celebrating with a prototype contest!

I would like to give the opportunity to those who have never done a prototype before, a chance to do a prototype for my next vinyl kit in 2020! This same opportunity was given to me in the past, and I am happy to pay it forward!  The winner will have the opportunity to do a prototype for my next vinyl kit.

The rules are simple!
~Only eligible to those who have never done a vinyl prototype before.
~Only completed photos of my Avelee kit will be considered.
~Submit 5 photos that reflect your best work! Photos must include a close up of hair, face and at least one full body photo.
~Your Avelee should be 100% completed by you!~You can enter more than once if you reborn more than one Avelee kit! :)

Email your entry to Tiffany@SweetSunriseNursery.com with your 5 photos, your name and email address. Please put “Avelee Prototype Contest” in the subject line. Contest Deadline is May 30, 2020.

Contest Winners