Original Sculpts

Jesse 2015

My first reproduced sculpt

Shaun 2015

My second reproduced sculpt, my first reproduced full body silicone

Shea 2016 

My third reproduced sculpt

Avery 2016 

My fourth reproduced sculpt

Hila 2017

My fifth reproduced sculpt

Cirrus 2018

My sixth reproduced sculpt

Zelli 2018

My seventh reproduced sculpt

Avelee 2019

My eighth reproduced sculpt

Ellowyn 2019

 My ninth reproduced sculpt, my fourth full body silicone

Past Reborns 

Babies pictured have all been adopted, this is just a handful of babies to showcase examples of some of my past work.

Scarlett sculpt by Bonnie Brown

(Prototype)Tacy by Marita Winters.  

(Prototype)Tacy by Marita Winters.

Ellis sculpt by Olga Auer

Chloe sculpt by Natali Blick

Tate by Andrea Arcello

Maize sculpt by Andrea Arcello

Evelyn sculpt by Cassie Brace

Sailor Rose sculpt by Cassie Brace

Ashley Realborn by BB

Sunny sculpt by Joanna K.

Penny sculpt by Natali Blick

Tigerlily sculpt by Cassie Brace

Levi sculpt by Bonnie Brown

Evelyn by Cassie Brace

Genevieve sculpt by Cassie Brace

Luca sculpt by Laura Tuzzio Ross

Myloh sculpt by Laura Tuzzio Ross