My name is Tiffany Campbell and I am the sole artist behind Sweet Sunrise Nursery.  I graduated from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey with a BA in visual communication, my concentration in graphic design. While in college I took courses in sculpting, painting, drawing, printmaking and photography. Although I have been an artist my whole life, I have never heard of a 'reborn doll' until I accidentally saw one on Youtube. I was instantly intrigued! My journey into this wonderful art began in February 2013 after reborning my first baby, Molly. At the time I had no idea where this new discovery would lead. Since then I have created well over 200 reborn babies and released 8 original silicone editions, and 2 vinyl edition of my own! My babies have brought joy to people all over the world! I love what I do and my hope is to continue creating beautiful dolls, as well as sculpting more of my own along the way! 

Tiffany Campbell
Artist of Sweet Sunrise Nursery