Avelee kit details:

size: about 20"

limbs: full 

body: included

edition size: 500

Purchase of an Avelee kit comes with a 1 head, 2 arms, 2 legs, a cloth body and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by me.

To find out where to place a pre-order, check the Official Authorized Dealer list :)

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Avelee vinyl kit with Body

Avelee vinyl kit with Body

PLEASE NOTE: You are purchasing an unpainted and unassembled doll kit. This is NOT a finished doll.
*Photos shown are examples of what Avelee could look like once completed
**Once kit arrives in stock, you will be notified via invoice for the remaining balance plus postage (where applicable). Please note that by placing a pre-order for this kit you are agreeing to pay the balance due plus postage due within 5 days of the date of her balance due is invoiced. Failing this you will forfeit your deposit and the kit. 

Different versions of Avelee below: