Tell me more about Sweet Sunrise Babies Reborns:

Although I no longer create completed babies to adopt, I do sculpt blank kits for artists to bring to life :)

Tell me more about Sweet Sunrise Babies Silicones:

Although I no longer offer completed babies, I still sculpt for silicone kits for artists to bring to life.

What exactly IS a reborn doll?

A reborn doll is a vinyl doll that has been made to look as realistic and lifelike as possible. The true art of reborning is to take a manufactured vinyl doll, strip it of it's factory paint, and make it over in a realistic manner. Most dolls today are actually 'newborned'. The art of newborning starts with a blank vinyl doll kit. This method is much easier as the artist can forgo the stripping process and move right into the painting process. 

Shipping and Return Policies:

Babies are shipped USPS. I provide accurate descriptions and plenty of close up photos.  I do not offer refunds for buyers remorse.  However if there there is a concern about your new baby, do contact me.  Returns will be offered on a case by case basis.  If a return is granted, the baby must be mailed back within 48 hours of receiving it (signature confirmed).  A returned baby MUST be returned in it's original condition with all accessories and original packaging. 

Do you take Custom Orders:

Due to limited time constraints, I am no longer accepting custom orders

Do you take layaway?

I do offer layaway! Contact me for more details

Where can I find authorized dealers that carry your vinyl kits: